The General Meeting of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), in ordinary call on February 3 at its corporate headquarters, approved by a large majority the annual accounts and the audit report closed at December 31, 2019, as well as the economic budget for the year 2020. Likewise, it also endorsed by a large majority the report of the president and the management carried out by the Government Board, partially renewed by co-opting. In its firm commitment to parity, the RAED management body expands the presence of women.

Its president, Alfredo Rocafort, said that a new stage is opened in the internal life of the Academy in which the dialogue and consensus between the different sensitivities that meet and enrich the institution will be prioritized, in the conviction that in this plurality lies the guarantee of a democratic functioning. In the same way, the Royal Academy will intensify its scientific work and strengthen its ties with other institutions also dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of science and culture.

The General Board also approved the formal matters of an ordinary nature that were put to the vote. The current Governing Board is constituted and articulated as follows:

President: Alfredo Rocafort Nicolau

1st Vice President: Xabier Añoveros Trias de Bes

2nd Vice President: Maria Àngels Calvo Torras

3rd Vice President: Teresa Freixes Sanjuán

4th Vice President: Aldo Olcese Santonja

President of the Institute of International Relations: José Ramón Calvo Fernández

General Secretary: José Manuel Calavia Molinero

Deputy Secretary: Santiago Castellà Surribas

Treasurer: Jordi Martí Pidelaserra

Vocal: Joan Francesc Pont Clemente

Member: Montserrat Casanovas Ramon

Member: María José Esteban Ferrer

Member: Sònia Fernández Vidal