Numerary Member and Deputy Secretary of the Governing Board

Social Sciences: Dr. in Law

Date of admittance:  30/06/2006

Admission Speech: ¿Hacia una nuevo derecho de gentes?

Reply: Dr. Joan-Francesc Pont Clemente

Barcelona, ​​1967. Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona (1992), Bachelor of Political Science and Sociology from the National University of Distance Education (1995), Doctor of Law (outstanding “Cum Laude) from the University of Barcelona (2002) ), Master in Security, Peace and Defense from the General University Institute Gutiérrez Mellado (2002), Professor of the University of International Public Law and International Relations at the Rovira i Virgili University.

In 1992, he entered with a scholarship for the Training of Teaching and Research Staff in the Department of International Law and Economics of the University of Barcelona; and in 1995 as Assistant Professor at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), where he has taught at the time of Public International Law, European Union Law, International Relations, International Protection of Human Rights, and International Development Cooperation. .

He has been director of the Postgraduate Course “Global Management of Immigration” of the FURV (2002-2007); Dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the URV (2003 – 2006); Vice Chancellor Responsible for International Relations of the URV (2006 – 2008); Vice-Rector of External Relations of the URV (2006 – 2010); Member of the Expert Committee of the Catalan Language Observatory; President of the Language Policy Committee of the Vives Network of Universities, (2006 – 2010); Director of the Plan of Action for External Action of Catalonia commissioned by the Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Generalitat of Catalonia (2008 – 2009); Director and professor of the Postgraduate University Specialist in International Development Cooperation (2011- …); Director of the International Humanitarian Law Seminars of the URV and the International Humanitarian Law Center of the Red Cross (2008 – …); Director of the Tarragona Smart Mediterranean City Chair of the URV, (2014- …) and project director of the Tarragona Smat Mediterranean City Foundation.

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