Governing Board

The Governing Board is the body charged with the management and administration of the Academy in best fulfilment of its purpose, subject to these Statutes and applicable legislation.

It consists of the chairman, three vice-chairmen, the general secretary, the deputy secretary, the treasurer, the chairman of the Institute for International Relations and four other members, all of whom must be numerary or emeritus members of the Academy. All persons elected to these posts shall remain in office for a maximum of two consecutive five-year terms. If there are objective and reasonable causes for doing so, the General Meeting may appoint an individual member of the overning Board who has already served two terms for one additional, non-renewable five-year term.

The chairman may, in addition to the elected posts governed by this article, make other appointments that he or she considers fit for improving the governance of the RAED or to coordinate its activities in a certain territory. The chairman may cancelthese appointments at any time as soon as the corresponding task has been fulfilled. They shall in any case expire at the end of the term of office of the chairman who proposed them.

The powers and duties of the Governing Board shall extend to all actions generally intrinsic to the purposes of the Academy, unless such actions require express authorisation by the General Meeting under the terms of these Statutes.

If a post falls vacant before its intended expiry date, the Governing Board shall, within no more than three months, co-opt a replacement from among members with powers to act as substitutes. The term of office of the person so elected shall not exceed that originally corresponding to the person being replaced. The procedure must be brought up at and endorsed by the next General Meeting held thereafter.

The chairman shall call a meeting of the Governing Board whenever the affairs of the Academy so require, and in any case at least four times a year. The meeting shall be quorate if attended by at least half of the Board’s members plus one. Motions shall be adopted by a simple majority of those present. In the event of a draw, the chairman shall have the casting vote.

The meeting must be called with at least seven days’ advance notice. This rule may nevertheless be waived with the written consent of the members not attending.