The data-privacy policy set out below governs the treatment of personal data collected by any means for the purpose of carrying out the functions and activities of the Royal European Academy of Doctors (RAED).

1. The party in charge of data-processing

The party in charge of data-processing is:

Real Academia Europea de Doctores
NIF (fiscal ID no.): Q5856332A
Via Laietana, 32 – 3r piso
Edificio Fomento del Trabajo
08003 Barcelona, Spain

2. The purpose of data-processing

The data that a person supplies, by any means, to the Royal European Academy of Doctors shall be treated in accordance with applicable data-protection legislation and for the sole purpose of delivering or administering the service requested.

The RAED will issue detailed notification in each case of the purpose of such data-processing, which shall always be subject to the consent of the person to whom the information concerned refers.

The information given below refers to the various purposes for which personal data may be collected:

Purpose of processing How the RAED uses personal information The RAED’s data-retention times
Enquiries submitted using the online form at To attend to requests for information The data are deleted once the application or enquiry concerned has been dealt with
Regular despatch of the RAED Newsletter; sent only to users who have subscribed to it Information on newly-admitted academicians, debates, conferences and other activities of the RAED We retain data until the person concerned cancels his or her subscription, whereupon the corresponding information is deleted. You may cancel at any time by clicking on the link or using the contact details included in each notification.
Request to attend an event/activity organised by the RAED An estimate of the likely number of attendees helps us manage the event properly The data concerned are deleted once the event/activity finishes
Job offers and CV details The processing of personal information for database-management purposes Personal data are held on file for five years before being deleted
Suppliers Processing of personal data for the management of professional relationships, with no disclosure to third parties other than in the event of legal issues arising in this respect Filing of personal details after the end of the professional relationship, for historical archiving purposes


The person concerned submits his or her details on a voluntary basis at all times, while guaranteeing that the details are true. The RAED reserves the right not to supply services to persons who have provided false details, without prejudice to its right to take further legal action.
The data supplied shall be used for their corresponding purpose only, subject to the consent of the person concerned. No data will be disclosed to any third party, unless the person concerned has issued his or her consent or if such disclosure is required for legal purposes.

3. The rights of persons supplying details

A person supplying details may at any time request and obtain information on how and for what reason the RAED processes the information concerned. The person concerned may:

  • Gain access to his or her data, by asking the RAED to specify what these details are and how they are being used.
  • Rectify his or her details by asking for the data concerned to be modified or amended accordingly.
  • Cancel his or her details by asking for the data concerned to be deleted and not subjected to any further processing, other than the legal obligation to hold data on file.
  • Oppose their processing by asking the RAED not to use the data for certain purposes.
  • Restrict their processing by asking that data be held on file for legal purposes only.
  • Exercise his or her right to data portability by asking the RAED to transfer the data concerned, in a compatible format, to a third-party service provider.

The person concerned should, in any of the above cases, contact RAED to indicate the right (access, rectification, deletion, objection, restriction on processing or portability) that he or she wishes to exercise, enclosing or attaching a copy of his or her identity card or passport, by any of the following means:

  • A letter sent by postal mail to:
    Royal European Academy of Doctors
    Via Laietana, 32 – 3r piso
    Edificio Fomento del Trabajo
    08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • An e-mail sent to
  • or by telephoning + 34 93 667 40 54

In the same manner, if the person concerned wishes to know more regarding the processing of personal data by the Royal European Academy of Doctors, he or she may contact the institution by e-mailing