Supernumerary Members

1. Any member may ask to change to supernumerary membership, thereby counselling his or her current status and creating a corresponding vacancy. A member’s request to change to supernumerary membership shall nevertheless be assumed to arise from one of the following situations:

a) Failure, over two consecutive years, to attend at least four meetings of the RAED

b) Failure, over three consecutive academic years, to make at least one academic contribution in a public or private session.

c) Notification to the Governing Board of a desire to be relieved of the corresponding duties of a numerary member.

d) Failure to settle the subscription amounts agreed to by the Governing board and established in article 37 b of these statutes.

2. The following circumstances may provide just cause for suspending the application of paragraph 1 of this article:

a) Illness preventing attendance at academic sessions.

b) Appointment to the diplomatic corps or to a temporary academic or official post based abroad.

c) Force majeure or other circumstances deemed serious by the Governing Board.

d) Exoneration from duties by the Governing Board itself.

3. The Governing Board shall propose to the General Meeting any specific application of this article or, if applicable, express its opposition to the same.

4. Supernumerary members may only participate in the public sessions of the RAED.