Supernumerary Member

Social Sciences: Dr. in Economics

Date of admittance: 24/02/2004

Medal: Nº 48

Admission Speech: La gestión estratégica del inmovilizado

Reply: Dr. Josep Joan Pintó Ruiz

Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Barcelona in 1990, in which she is awarded 22 Honors.

He obtains the Bachelor’s Degree by thesis with the highest grade of Outstanding and receives the Extraordinary Degree Award. In 1992 she became a doctor at the University of Barcelona, ​​where she has taught since 1990, obtaining the highest grade of Cum Laude by unanimity of the court. In 1995 he won the opposition of University Holder in the area of ​​Financial Economics and Accounting. In 2012 he received the accreditation to University Professor. She has been awarded an honorary doctorate in 2010 by the Illustrious Iberoamerican Academy of Doctors for her academic and scientific career and achievements in Ibero-America.

He belongs to various international scientific organizations, among which the Association for the Advancement of Modeling and Simulation in Entreprises, based in (France), currently occupies the Executive Presidency. She is a member of the Governing Board of the Fuzzy International Society for Management and Economics.

In the field of scientific production, 46 articles indexed in journals belonging to the ISI Web of Knowledge, Journal Citation Reports, Social Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index, and other articles published in other databases have been published to date. Scimago Journal Rank, Latindex, Scopus and CARHUS ,. 4 of these works are included in the Essential Science Indicator, which includes the Top 1% of the most cited articles in the world. As for other publications, we highlight more than 150 book chapters, most of them published in internationally renowned publishing houses such as Springer (Germany), World Scientific (United States) and Kluwer (United States), and 15 complete books in Spanish , English, Russian and Romanian, some of them having been translated into other languages. Papers have been presented at congresses, the majority international, of which 64 are reviewed in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index. He has participated in the Presidency of the Organization of international congresses on 8 occasions, and in 63 Scientific Committees.

He has given scientific conferences in various countries. He has been Referee Board of international congresses in 25 occasions, Reviewer of 14 indexed journals and Chairman in sessions of congresses in 19 conferences. He is a member of the Editorial Board of 11 international journals.

She is an academic at the Royal Academy of Doctors since 2004 and currently holds the position of Vice-President of the Board of Governors, member of the Permanent Commission of the Interior Government. She has also been Academic of the Académie Delphinale de France since 2006, of the Illustrious Ibero-American Academy of Doctors since 2012, of the Royal Academy of Economics and Financial Sciences of Spain since 2013 and of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts since 2014.

He has directed 14 Doctoral Theses and 23 PhD and Master’s Thesis research projects. He has participated in numerous national and international competitive public research projects, often as Principal Investigator.

He has done some postdoctoral stays of medium duration in several countries. He has been Chief of the Financial Bureau of Moisil Foundation; Member of the Doctorate Committee of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona, ​​and since 2009 of the Research Commission of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UB. He is a Principal Investigator of the Ibero-American Thematic Network: Models for sustainable development based on the effective management of business interest groups, with 7 research groups from 6 countries and 34 researchers, and member of the Business Valuation Commission. of ACCID in 2009 and 2010. He has been awarded three six-year terms of research by the CNEAI and four five-year teaching periods.