Tribuna Plural newspaper

Number 4 - October 2021

Plural Tribune Newspaper No. 4 – October 2021

  • Presentation of the work «A Renewal Period 2012-2020» that collects all the activity and main achievements of the last eight years.
  • Interview with Dr. Alfredo Rocafort, president of the Governing Board of the RAED: “The Academy has to be open to society and not settle in an ivory tower where academics talk about themselves and among themselves.”
  • The RAED and its Foundation assume the commitment to contribute to improving the world with the launch of the “Vital Challenges for a new era” project.
  • RAED academicians see the NextGenerationEu initiative as an opportunity to change the country’s economy.
  • Comparative from the informative point of view in the press, with respect to the “Spanish Flu” of 1918 and COVID-19.
  • Interview with Dr. José Mª Baldasano: “The limits of growth and its relationship with the environment have been a constant in my thoughts”.
  • Back cover: Dra. Rosalía Arteaga – “We have to put more Ibero-America in the world”.
Number 3 - January 2020

Newspaper Tribuna Plural No. 3 – November 2019

  • Experts advocate promoting the application of big data and artificial intelligence in the clinical care setting.
  • The RAED hosted the conference that represented Spain in the Climate Reality Project promoted by Al Gore.
  • Opinion article: Pedro Nueno – The opportunity of China.
  • The proliferation of fake congress, a danger to science and society.
  • Get vaccinated against misinformation.
  • Report: Abuse of the elderly.
  • Debate: Listeria tests food safety in Spain.
  • Interview with José María Gay de Liébana: “We have to deconstruct Spain”.
  • Back cover: Christine Hart – “The fires in Australia are as if an atomic bomb had fallen”.
Number 2 - november 2019

Tribuna Plural newspaper Nº 2 – november 2019

  • La relación próxima y empática médico-paciente puede acelerar la recuperación.
  • La Universidad de Barcelona crea ESG Rating, un indicador para medir la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa.
  • Éxito del V congreso Internacional de la RAED celebrado en Budapest.
  • La Fundación Pro RAED, motor de cambio social.
  • Entrevista a Inocencio Arias.
Number 1 - July 2019

Tribuna Plural newspaper Nº 1 – July 2019

  • Los hermanos Roca investidos como Académicos de Honor por la RAED
  • Entrevista a Joaquín Almunia
  • La preservación de las Islas Galápagos
  • El Barcelona Supercomputing Center será la sede de uno de los grandes superordenadores europeos.
  • La mujer progresa en el liderazgo del conocimiento científico