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Presentation of the book “Cataluña en Madrid. Una visión de Cataluña desde Madrid” by Dr. Ignacio Buqueras y Bach

A vision of Catalonia from Madrid, Ignacio Buqueras and Bach, his author, contributes his experiences, experiences and reflections for 40 years. In these eight years he has exercised, during four years, the presidency of the Cercle Català de Madrid -1980 / 1984-; publishes a widely read Sunday column for ABC -1983 / 1988- on the presence of Catalonia in Madrid; with the aforementioned title he published a book on the history of the “ancestral home” of the Catalans in Madrid; His admiration for Josep Pla, the great Catalan writer, caused him to publish an interesting biography in 1985; and the very serious and difficult political situation that Spain lives, especially Catalonia, made the excellent Cambó who wrote and published in 1987, with the desire that the Spaniards knew one of the most attractive personalities of the 20th century and extraordinary referent, was republished again last year, in 2018.

They will intervene:

  • Dr. José Manuel Almuzara, Architect. President of the Pro Beatification Association of Antonio Gaudí.
  • Dr. Xavier Añoveros, Vice President of the Royal European Academy of Doctors and the Equestrian Circle.
  • Dr. Ignacio Buqueras and Bach. Academic of the Royal European Academy of Doctors and President of the Association for the Diffusion and Promotion of World Heritage of Spain.

Venue: Assembly Hall of Catalan Labour National Work Development – Via Laietana, 32, Pral, Barcelona
Event date: 15 oct 2019
Event time: 7:00 p.m.


Session “The missing pictorial technique of the Venetian school. From Tizano to Tiepolo”

Organizer: Jaume Armengou Orús
Gives the conference: Martín García Cros

The session will consist of a workshop in which Mr. García Cros will express his explanation on several canvases on an easel. It will focus on materials and methodologies. He will talk about the Venetian school of painting, its technique and its painters (Bellini, Giorgione, Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese, Caravaggio, El Greco, Velázquez, Constable, Tiepolo, …). Prepare and make primers with gesso and lead white, with red iron oxide soils, etc. Prepare temples to the egg, paint with black and white greyhounds to temper. It will give total glazes with a damar resin based glaze medium. “Thirty varnishes will not be enough,” said Titian. He will explain how a black oil is made with his onion and then a gel with Chios resin. Make oils with pigment and flax and walnut oil and paint with them.

Ways to do that are not true will be refuted … the previous non-drawing of some teachers … all this with details and anecdotes that will make some subjects absolutely controversial.

Venue: Assembly Hall of Catalan Labour National Work Development – Via Laietana, 32, Pral, Barcelona
Event date: 15.10.2019
Event time: 7:00 p.m.



Round table “Vaccines in the 21st century: Scientific and social aspects”

Presenter: Dra. Maria Àngels Calvo. Vice President and Academic of the Royal European Academy of Doctors.

Coordination: Dr. Joaquin Callabed. Pediatrician. Academic of Number of the Royal European Academy of Doctors.


  • Dr. Fernando Moraga. Pediatrician. Vice President of the Spanish Association of Vaccination. New vaccines in the children’s calendar
  • Dr. Magda Campins. Head of the Preventive Medicine service at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona. A vaccine calendar for adults
  • Dr. Joaquin Callabed. Social movements anti-vaccines. Bioethical aspects to consider.

Description of the event

The immunization of humanity through vaccines has been one of the great achievements in Public Health of the last century.
The ONU through UNICEF and who introduced vaccines as one of the eight health goals for disadvantaged children.

In our environment there have been infant deaths in unvaccinated children and diseases such as measles that seemed banished have appeared.

At the present time there is a dilemma:
On the one hand there is the right of the child to the protection of his health through vaccines.
On the other hand, the right of parents to have their children receive the care they deem most convenient for their health.

Another topical issue is adult vaccines, a scattered issue that deserves a tune-up of the vaccination calendar.
Thus, in some studies and surveys conducted, total or partial rejection of vaccines by some families has been detected. There are also associations and social movements that reject vaccination frontally.

The RAED, aware of the health and social importance of vaccines organizes this event with highly qualified professionals in the field of vaccines.

Dr. Fernando Moraga will speak about the updates in the childhood and youth vaccination calendar
Dr. Magda Campins will expose updates on adult vaccines and the need for tighter control.
Dr. Joaquin Callabed will analyze, from a bioethical point of view, the various family options, movements that reject and medical opinions on the vaccine issue. It will analyze the principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice that affect those involved.

The event will have a space for dialogue and deliberation on the topics presented.

Free entrance. Please call the telephone beforehand 93 667 40 54 because the capacity is limited.

The RAED opens its doors and would be very happy with your assistance and contributions.

Venue: Assembly Hall of Catalan Labour National Work Development – Via Laietana, 32, Pral, Barcelona
Event date: 17.10.2019
Event time: 7:00 p.m.


Admission as a Numerary Academician: Gregorio Varela-Moreiras, Doctor in Pharmacy

Entry speech: “Evolution and revolution in scientific knowledge of dietary intake in Spain”
Speech in reply: Javier Arranceta Bartrina

Venue: Assembly Hall of Catalan Labour National Work Development – Via Laietana, 32, Pral, Barcelona
Event date: 24.10.2019
Event Time: 7:00 p.m


Admission as a Numerary Academician: Emilio Gil Moya, Doctor of Agronomic Engineering.

Entry Speech: “Días de campo”
Speech in reply: Excmo. Sr. Dr. Javier Gil Mur
Assembly Hall of Catalan Labour National Work Development – Via Laietana, 32, Pral, Barcelona
Event date: 28.10.2019
Event time: 7:30 p.m

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