Numerary Member and Deputy to the Presidency

Social Sciences: Dr. in Laws

Date of admittance: 10/06/2014

Admission Speech: La ciutat, els ciutadans i els tributs

Reply: Dr. Enrique Tierno Pérez-Relaño

Barcelona, 1957. Ph D in Law, lecturer at the University of Barcelona since 1982, Full Professor since 2003. Fellow: Spanish Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences since 1999. General Secretary (1989-1992) and Dean of the University of Barcelona Business School (1992-1998 and 2004-05). Director-general:  University of Barcelona Institute for Life Long Learning (IL3 – UB) (2005-07). Member of the Governing Board of the University of Barcelona (2001-05). Chairperson:  Legal and Tax Commission of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (since 2010). Third Vicepresident: Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (since 2013). Researcher on business tax problems. Director of the Seminar on Business Tax Law at the University of Barcelona. President of PONT MESTRES, a Law firm established in Barcelona and Madrid,  since 2008.  

Member of the Advisory Committee of the scientific review Impuestos (since 2008) and of the Editorial Committee of Difusión Jurídica y Temas de Actualidad S.A (since 2010).   

Two of his most relevant books are: La economía de opción y La simulación, Editorial Marcial Pons.   

President of the Francisco Ferrer y Guardia Foundation (since 1987) and President of the  Magín Pont Mestres y Antonio Lancuentra Buerba Foundation (since 2008).