Numerary Member and Deputy to the Presidency

Social Sciences: Dr. in Economics

Date of admittance: 03/06/2014

Admission Speech: La abogacía de la empresa y de los negocios en el siglo de la calidad

Reply: Dr. Carlos Dante Heredia García

María José Esteban Ferrer is a professor in ESADE as well as an Affiliated Researcher at the Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession.

Her research activity is focussed in the areas of innovation, quality management and the globalization in professional service organizations. She regularly publishes in academic reviews and takes part as a lecturer at seminars and conferences about her speciality areas.

Lawyer since 1984, professor Esteban is Doctor (PHP) in Economy and Company by Universitat Ramon Llull, PHP Extraordinary Award by the mentioned institution, has a Law Degree from Universitat de Barcelona and is Numerary Member of the Reial Acadèmia de Doctors.