Professor Alfonso Hernández-Moreno believes that the foundations of democracy today are based on civil law, heir to the ancient Roman law. The renowned jurist comes to this conclusion in his inaugural speech at the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), “Civil law, person and democracy”, a detailed study on the development of civil law who He read yesterday in Barcelona.


For the new academician, “Civil Law comes to be, from an intrinsic point of view, a deeply democratic order. Political power and his instument (the State) have not created from a point of view material civil law. On the contrary, society has driven by force and the need for truth (and sometimes by the need of force and the imposition of truth) a valid and effective regulatory framework”.


“Is there anything, any legal-material more useful, more general or more democratic that our regulatory system?”, just asking Hernández-Moreno.