Numerary Member, Vice President of the Government Board and President of the Health Sciences Section

Health Sciences: Doctor of Veterinary and Doctor of Pharmacy

Date of admittance : 20/05/2003

Medal: No. 52

Admission speechReflexions sobre la resistència bacteriana als antibiòtics

Reply: Dr. Pere Costa Batllori


Pharmacist and PhD in Pharmacy from the UB. Extraordinary Award and Veterinarian and Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from the UCM. Master in Health and Specialist in Microbiology and Parasitology. Professor of Animal Health (UAB).

He has published more than 230 research papers. He has collaborated in the writing of book chapters in Mycology and Microbiology. He has directed 42 dissertations and 20 doctoral theses. He has received 12 awards for his research work.

It’s Acad. No. of the RA of Medicine of Catalonia, of the RA of Doctors of Madrid, of the Veterinary Academy of Catalonia, of the European RA of Doctors of Catalonia, of the RA Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia, Corresponding Academician of the RA of Medicine of Madrid, of the RA, of the Acad. Nac. De Med. De México, of the Acad. Nac. Of Veterinary of Mexico, Member of the I.M.F.C, of ​​the Soc. Argentina de Veterinaria and of the Cof. Internal. of Researchers of Toledo.

He has been a Member of the Scientific Committee for Animal Nutrition (SCAN), and is currently an EC Expert. He was Vice-Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UAB. Member of the Catalan Public Health Advisory Council. Vice-President of the RAED, General Secretary of the ACVC, Deputy General Secretary of the RAMC and Member of the Governing Board of the RAFC.

She has recognized six sections of research and teaching at the state and regional level, she is an evaluator of different national and international agencies.

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