“A great service and cohesion institution for the Spanish society”. Well defined yesterday Lieutenant General Ricardo Álvarez-Espejo to the Armed Forces in his speech at the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD) in Barcelona. Chief of the Army’s General Inspection and institutional representative of the Army in Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre and La Rioja, Álvarez-Espejo explained the rapid development and professionalization of the Spanish Armed Forces and stressed their integration into Spanish society and its democracy and its service work, both within our borders and outside them, projecting the image of Spain and the will in the world.

To Lieutenant General, the Spanish Army has nothing to do with old and obsolete military models, which often moved back to society. Today, the Army shares and abides by its democratic mandate. “Our Armed Forces are today a professional institution perfectly integrated in society, which sees it as something very own”, he said.


Supported by extensive audiovisual documentation, Álvarez-Espejo presented the exhibition “The Armed Forces and the Army in the Spain of today”. An act which was introduced by the president of the RAD, Alfredo Rocafort, who praised the educational work of Lieutenant General, and led by Vice President, José Llort. The session concluded with a discussion that led the academic Joan Francesc Pont.