The poet and professor of physics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona David Jou explained in an interview with Tribuna Plural, the review of the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD), scientific and intellectual activity, where physical, poetry and religion come together in special studies and publications and even poems books. “The dialogue between poetry, science and religion leads to a fruitful tension -explains Jou-. Physics is a mathematical and experimental dialogue with the world and poetry emotional and experiential dialogue. Both invite better observe reality and explore alternative possibilities. Religion, experienced aesthetically and emotionally, intellectually and socially brings immense strength”.

Academic of the RAD, Jou is one of the leading experts in thermodynamics and his “Extended irreversible thermodynamics” which he wrote with José Casas and Georgy Lebon, is a leader in the field. He has also published 25 books of poetry and several essays on religion. He is patron of the Joan Maragall Foundation, dedicated to the dialogue between faith and culture.