Dr. LLuis Pons Puiggrós, en su acto de ingreso en la RAED

Dr. LLuis Pons

Luis Pons presents a new collection of snapshots where he collects the floral bloom of this season

Luis Pons, chemical and industrial engineer, doctor in Business Administration and Management and corresponding academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), returns to share with the academicians and friends of the RAED his passion for photography presenting the new series of snapshots “Todos los colores de la primavera” (All the colors of spring), offering a vision as intimate as plethoric of this season. “Spring is linked to the rebirth of the vegetable kingdom and offers us its immensely varied palette of colors”, says the academician.

For Pons, this is “the season of landscapes of multicolored blooms, of the awakening of new shoots, of branches that grow full of leaves of new green, and that make easy the refuge of the birds. The sky widens its tonalities and the masses of clouds carried by the wind, with sunrises and spectacular sunsets. The spring responds with an affectionate sun, although it maintains a cold air when we least expect, and the wind shakes the sea”.

A great fan of an art that he has cultivated throughout his life, combining it and complementing it with his career in the practice of teaching and business management, Pons stops in this series in the fascinating flight of the birds and their amazing ‘posed’. “The song and flight of the birds increases in the spring, you can photograph the swallow at rest and capture moments of rest from the tireless jumps of the robins, mosquito nets… Likewise, the bees help us to select the best flowers and allow images of great beauty”.

Pons captures with his camera all that chromatic scale that varies with subtlety until the dawn of summer. “Until May everything turns into color, that summer will reserve for our mountains”, he says. The academician invites the entire RAED community to enjoy the show.