The academician Luis Pons reveals his passion for photography with the presentation of his latest work at street level

Luis Pons, chemical and industrial engineer, doctor in Business Administration and Management and corresponding academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), wanted to share with academicians and friends of the RAED his passion for photography, a hobby for which he has always found a place in his work as a recognized business manager. Under the title “Paseo de otoño 2018” (Autumn ride 2018), he presents the latest compilation of his snapshots, made in recent weeks.

“Autumn is summer and winter at the same time and presents itself with infinitely beautiful views, spectacular skies with grey or reddish clouds, with unimaginable combinations, autumn allows the spectacle of the enormous power of the first electrical storms. The clear skies that the wind cleans making it possible to observe beautiful moons when the pollution disappears, or the observation of stars and planets without forgetting the aerial artefacts. The deciduous trees change their green colour by a palette of yellows, ochres, red… carpeting the floor”, the photographer explains his admiration for what he manages to capture with his camera.

Pons explains how he discovered photography in the 80s of the last century, due both to his interest in the chemical process involved in the revelation of negatives in paper photography and in his closeness to the photography sections of Spanish newspapers “El País” and “Avui”, where he worked as a manager. “Chemistry and communication have given content to my career, digital or computer systems have made possible great developments exploring the spectra of light, infrared and ultraviolet. The photography uses a technology that captures through lenses and sensors, now electronic, points of light with their colours and intensities in visible spectra”, he says.

“In my profession as a manager in the media, I had the opportunity to promote the digitalization of photography processes, including the archive of the ‘Avui’ newspaper. And thanks to my previous period in the newspaper ‘El País’ I met I valued the task of the professionals who dealt with graphic information, and I also experienced the beginning of a time when technology was becoming accessible to a growing number of people”, he concludes.