The academician Francisco Garrido publishes the business strategy guide “Modeling the future. Crystallizing business strategies in real time”

Francisco Javier Garrido, corresponding academician for Chile of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has published the book “Modeling the future. Crystallizing business strategies in real time”, where he explores the formulation of strategies. The book seeks to explain the relationship between schools of Western strategic thinking to model a future of wealth and value for 21st century organizations.

francisco Javier GarridoBuilding a detailed business management guide based on the experiences and theories of the main economic thinkers, the academician begins his work reviewing the different currents of thought on strategy and knowledge of the company to evolve later through talent, creativity and the analysis. A long way that from the formation, the experience and the own intuition must take to the decision making more adapted in each moment and activity.

“This work is the result of a process that aims to solve a couple of ideas suggested by various and valuable teachers throughout history have contributed to knowledge and the search for a successful strategy when making decisions -says the author in the prologue of the work-. We do it through practical applications and pragmatism, for those who enjoy the business strategy this is only the beginning”.

The book ends with an interesting reflection on “The Art of War”, written by Sun Tzu in China of the fourth century BC and which for the author is the first essay on strategy, beyond his military vocation. Garrido stops to comment on several paragraphs of this work taking them to the field of business management. “The formation of the strategist is the path of Sun Tzu, it’s in this path that finally the hidden message is discovered in this millenary work already commented by the contemporaries and by those who preceded him throughout the ages. We all have our own way to travel and then guide others on the road”, he reflects.