Luis Pons presents his new series of photographs, an intimate vision of this season and its colours

Luis Pons, chemical and industrial engineer, doctor in Business Administration and Management and corresponding academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), returns to share with the academicians and friends of the RAED his passion for photography presenting the series “Invierno: noche larga y día breve” (Winter: long night and short day), in which he offers an intimate vision of this season. “Winter is looking at the sky as the long night passes, winter is looking at the sky at dawn, at dusk… Winter is to imagine how the sky will accompany the chosen theme”, summarizes the academician.

Among the snapshots stand out those that reflect various moments of the moon eclipse of the early morning of January 21, including the moon’s own in the different phases of the phenomenon and those of its evolution on the horizon of the city of Barcelona. Pons presents a selection of almost half a thousand shots he managed to make until dawn determined when to interrupt the series. “The eclipse allowed us to see different planets with greater brightness, it coincided with a dark and cloudless sky, full moon and stars in a big city like Barcelona”, he explains without hiding his fascination Pons.

“During the day, in winter, it’s usual to see periods of intense blue skies or fogs and clouds alternate rapidly, combining grey and white, which in unexpected successions turn into intense pink, gold or red. Of the day at very early hours, a fixed appointment to prepare the sunset that usually gives moments with areas with chiaroscuro difficult to photograph properly. The pleasant challenge is to meet each day before a master class of shapes and colours “, continues the academician with your reflection.

Beyond the city, Pons has chosen for this exhibition landscapes of the mouth of the Ebro River, such as the Trabucador, Punta del Fang or the Alfaques bay with the Sierra del Montsià as a backdrop. “It’s a continuum of sensations impossible to describe the ones that accumulate when taking shots in this location -he says-. The public, as you can see, gives us their silhouettes and gives human dimension, we must accept the right to share the greatness of the beauty of nature and in particular, of this nexus of sky and water that the horizon delimits”.