Soldevila de Monteys, director of one of the reference auditing master’s degrees, enters the Royal Academy

Acto de ingreso de Ramón María Soldevila de Monteys

Ramón M. Soldevila de Monteys, doctor in Economics and Business Sciences and director of the Master’s Degree in Auditing of Accounts and Accounting of the Abat Oliba CEU University, entered as a corresponding academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) during a ceremony that was held on February 7 in the Assembly Hall of Catalan labour National Work Development, headquarters of the RAED. The recipient read the entry speech “La contabilidad y sus adaptaciones sectoriales. El caso especial del sector hotelero” (Accounting and its sectorial adaptations, the special case of the hotel sector). Full academician and honorary rector of the Abad Oliba University Joan Francesc Corona answered on behalf of the Royal Corporation.

In his work, the new academician tries to establish the bases of a standardized accounting for a strategic sector of the Spanish economy as it’s the hotelier, who, paradoxically, doesn’t have its own General Accounting Plan (PGC). The electric sector or the wine industry do have their own. “We have the need to create a common language, a uniform system in the style and similarity of hotels in the Anglo-Saxon world, the Uniform System for Account for the Lodging Industry, whose first edition was born in the last century. With this dissertation research lines for uniform accounting systems that still suffer from a General Accounting Plan adapted to their sector are opened”, Soldevila de Monteys began his presentation.

Today, only about twenty sectors have an adapted PGC, which means that many haven’t reached an accounting normalization that contributes to their competitiveness. “And when a sector has an importance with respect to the economy of the country as it’s the hotelier and has certain peculiarities in front of the rest of sectors it is beneficial to approve by means of a Ministerial Order a sectorial adaptation”, insisted the new academician before detailing the advantages of the British and North American model, already used by about 10% of Spanish hotels.

“Our proposal is to point to a general and common objective to any uniform initiative of the accounting information applicable to a sector. It only needs that the Spanish Institute of Accounting and Auditing has the endorsement of the different economic agents”, concluded the recipient.

Admission speech