Salvatore Tomaselli, doctor in Economics and Business Administration and Business Management and a recognized expert in family business, believes that the usual tensions in this type of society can be enriching and can be an added element in their competitiveness if they conduct themselves in the way appropriate.

“There are different causes that often lead to conflicts and tensions in the family business. What we define as task conflicts can be positive if they encourage constructive discussions. Conflicts can also be positive if a consensus is reached on how to achieve a strategic objective. The real negatives are those of relationship between owners, also very habitual, and that one has to know how to lead”.

Tomaselli made these reflections during his accession as full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), that was celebrated the 17 of January. The recipient read the entry speech “Relazioni conflicittuali nelle aziende familiari: determinanti, tipologie, evoluzione, esiti”. On behalf of the RAED responded the full academician and president of its Senate Miguel Ángel Gallo.