Portada del libro "Cerebro y Música una pareja saludable"Jordi Àngel Jauset, doctor of Communication, Telecommunications Engineer and musician, has donated a copy of his work “Cerebro y música, una pareja saludable. Las claves de la neurociencia musical” (Brain and music, a healthy couple. Musical neuroscience keys) to the Library of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED). The book exposes the basic fundamentals that explain the changes that occur in the different brain areas and the repercussions or physiological, cognitive and emotional effects derived.

Why do we feel the need to move when we listen to rhythmic music? Is the brain of a musician different? Is music always therapeutic or can it also hurt us? They are some of the questions that Jauset, professor of Economy in the University Ramon Llull and of Psychology of the Music in diverse masters university of Musicotherapy, tries to answer.