“We must take on the challenge of becoming news and have a space in the media”

The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) has begun the implementation and development of a communication plan that aims to increase the public notoriety of the institution through the media and collaborate in the dissemination and promotion of more about fifty activities that RAED will organize during this 2018. Since January 1 already have accounted for a score of major impacts on the press in media such as La Vanguardia, ABC, El Correo de Andalucía and Efe press agency, among others.

Among these last appearances, the interview that La Contra of La Vanguardia carried out the Nobel prize in Chemistry and honorary academician of the RAED Aaron Ciechanover as a result of his participation in the cycle “La ciencia vista a traves de los ojos de Premios Nobel” (Science seen through the eyes of Nobel prize winners) that develops the Obra Social La Caixa with the support of the Royal Academy. Ciechanover reviews in the interview his childhood in Israel and a tireless research on the cellular regeneration that led him to the Nobel and to endless honorary doctorates by major universities around the world.

“The Royal European Academy of Doctors is an institution that has veiled the defence of the prestige of the title of doctor and the dissemination of knowledge in society, but to properly develop this work it is necessary that society as a whole and the academic community in particularly visualize our activities. The most direct way is to become news and achieve a space in the media, whether general, specialised, audiovisual or written”, says the president of the Governing Board of the RAED, Alfredo Rocafort.

To develop the tasks of public relations with the media, a work team has been assigned who will be responsible for the writing of the press releases, contact with the media and follow-up of the publications. It will also address the proposals made by academicians for the development of press campaigns.


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