José Daniel Barquero, full academician of the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD) and Secretary General of its Board of Governors, urged in his paper “Strategic management of organizations: the United States of Europe” the political unity of the European Union to guarantee member states meet the challenges of globalization. To Barquero, “the crisis of recent years has questioned the competence of the European states to face globalization and, in turn, the quality of democracy in many cases. “Beyond unquestionable financial strength, a new policy framework would face the future with greater guarantees of democratic stability”, he argues.

Professor of Economics and Social Sciences, Barquero raised in light of a thorough analysis of the EU Treaties and other legislation at EU level and among the public surveys conducted by Eurobarometer that the creation of which would be about US Europe is a real and affordable project, which would only require the political will of national parliaments and executives to assign its functions to the European bodies, following the mandate calls for popular sovereignty.

“So far, both the various processes of EU enlargement and European integration have been the work of political and economic elites, having been totally excluded from all these processes the European citizen. Now you must produce a radical change,” said Barquero . His speech is published in the Tribuna Plural 7, the review of the RAD, entirely devoted to the works presented at the International Act of Mexico to the Royal Academy held last October.