Jesús Alberto García Riesco, professor of the School of Protocol and International Relations of Barcelona, believes that the only answer that Western society can give the current jihadism is a firm and unconditional struggle and decisive contribution to the progress and welfare of the societies where the Islam is the majority. He puts it in the paper he delivered to the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD), “New threats: jihadism”, published by the magazine Tribuna Plural in his No. 6.

“Western world, weakened spiritually, is unable to respond to the frustration of those who see the paradise perceive by the media and we face a threat that can destroy modernity and bring humanity to a regression of thousands of years because secularism remains defenseless against religious fanaticism”, notes García Riesco. Given this weakness and inaction, the rapporteur calls for pedagogy and firmness. “We must transmit the values ​​that have brought us the privilege to live in freedom without fear to the intermediate stages necessarily hard, in order to develop attitudes that lead to the desired modernity”.

After analyzing the dismemberment regimes Near East, the Maghreb and the Sahel and the birth of the Islamic State, García Riesco sees the need for coordinated military action between the democracies of Europe and America, necessarily accompanied by robust policies that contribute to development democracies with Muslim majority.