Lieutenant General Ricardo Álvarez-Espejo, chief of the Army and institutional representative of the Army in Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre and La Rioja, will offer next Monday, November 30th, in Barcelona a conference on “The Armed Forces and the Army today” organized by the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD). The talk will be held in the auditorium of Foment del Treball Nacional (Via Laietana, 32, principal) at 19:30. The event will complete with a discussion with the audience moderated by Vice President of the Board of the RAD, José Llort, Doctor of Economics and Law.

Born in Madrid 62 years ago and intended for two in Barcelona, Álvarez-Espejo is responsible in the field of Army of leadership, management, coordination and control in infrastructure and security, life units, centers and organizations in garrison and prevention of occupational hazards. Also advises the Chief of Staff in these areas and is responsible for the management of financial resources allocated to it.

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