The number 8 of Tribuna Plural, the review of the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD), offers all the activity of the institution over the last four-month period of 2015. In its more than 400 pages, the publication contains the papers of academic sessions “Water: an interdisciplinary vision”, “Engineering and music” and “Debate about religion”, in addition to the lecture given by Lieutenant General Ricardo Álvarez Espejo “The Armed Forces and the Army in Spain today.

The magazine also publishes the article of the Mexican historian Enrique Sada “The road to freedom: the Napoleonic legacy in the independence of Mexico”; “Ointments of witches and love potions in the novels of Cervantes and the role of Dioscorides by Andrés Laguna”, by the academician Francisco López Muñoz and Francisco Pérez Fernández; “The linguistics as economy of language”, by the Austrian academician Michael Metzeltin, and “Status of radiation between the sciences”, by also academician Santiago Ripol.

The latest installment of Tribuna Plural also reports the receptions as academicians of Juan Pedro Aznar Alarcón and Fermín Morales and performs an in-depth interview with the academician Eugenio Oñate. The magazine also includes the latest activities of the academicians Oriol Amat, Salvador de Brocà, Maria dels Àngels Calvo, Pere Costa Batllori, Emili Gironella, Carlos Dante Heredia, Francisco López Muñoz, José Luis Salido and Lluís Vicent Safont.