Some 8,000 people attended the hundred events organised by the RAED throughout 2018

Around 8,000 people attended the 96 events organised by the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) throughout 2018. They were, in particular, two book presentations, 17 academic admissions, 10 debates, 58 conferences and colloquia, eight concerts and one Consolatio. Precisely in the section of conferences and debates, the 4th International Act-International Congress of Interdisciplinary Research, held last July in various cities of the Mediterranean, was one of those that registered more participation followed by the conference given by the former president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff and the day of conferences that took place at the Spa Hotel Vichy Catalán.

Regarding the admissions of academicians, the 17 acts gathered around 800 people in the Assembly Hall of Catalan Labour National Work Promotion. The admission as honorary academician of the Japanese consul in Barcelona, ​​Naohito Watanabe, was the one that gathered the largest number of attendees, followed by those of the academicians Mariàngela Vilallonga and Mireia Las Heras.

As for the activity of the sections of the RAED, the most dynamic were those of Social Sciences and Health Sciences (26 organised events), Experimental Sciences (13 organised events) and Human Sciences (seven organised events). Also noteworthy are the multidisciplinary acts organised jointly by several sections (21).

Most of the activities have been located in Barcelona. However, the organisation of events in other cities is increasing (44 events), as shown by the activities carried out in Madrid, Seville or Girona, not counting the foreign cities in which RAED has visited its international events. During this year there have been two: in addition to the International Congress that has travelled the Mediterranean, the dialogue “Los retos de la ciencia y el humanismo actual vistos desde la perspectiva de las academias científicas” (The challenges of science and current humanism seen from the perspective of scientific academies), organised in the Vatican with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and the Doctoral Thesis Contest in Mexico, organised together with the Community of Institutions of Higher Education of La Laguna, which this 2018 was consolidated with its second edition and had a great reception from the public.