More than 4,000 lives cut and an economic cost estimated in 600,000 millions of dollars. Those are the most striking figures that left the nuclear accident at Chernobyl (Ukraine), which now met 30 years and this afternoon have been analyzed in a multidisciplinary session that has held the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED).

The ceremony involved the academicians Albert Biete, Maria dels Àngels Calvo, Oriol Amat, Joan Olivé and Rosmarie Cammany. To Biete, promoter of the session, the only good news that leaves the accident three decades later is that its effects on health “were lower than those estimated at first. A part of thyroid cancer, other effects they are now questionable”. Amat, meanwhile, said that “since the accident, Ukraine has allocated an average of 6% of GDP in decontaminating the area”.