The third Concert with Soul was dedicated to the Clarós Foundation and had a conference by Pedro Clarós himself

The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) hosted last Friday, April 13, the third of his recitals of the series “Conciertos con Alma” (Concerts with Soul) at the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona. Before the last minute absence due to illness of the soprano Isabel Rey, the pianist Nauzet Mederos, who was to accompany her, performed a programme that pleasantly surprised an audience made up of academicians, relatives, friends of the RAED and members of the Circle. The session was dedicated to the Clarós Foundation, founded and chaired by the full academician and vice president of the Academy Pedro Clarós, who gave the conference “El do de pecho” (The tenor high C), with the cooperation of the Palace Hotel in Barcelona. After the event, the attendees enjoyed one of the great dining experiences offered by the Royal Artistic Circle.

In addition to offering a quality music program and being a new space open to the main Spanish interpreters of classical and lyrical music, the cycle aims to give visibility to solidarity proposals and raise funds for these projects. The first concert was dedicated to the project Vozes of the Association of Musicians for Peace and Integration, a social musical project that works for integration and social change through music, and in the second one the initiative “Police by and for brave”, a campaign of Catalan local police to raise funds to create the paediatric hospital Barcelona Cancer Centre.

In this session, Clarós gave a brief exposition of the humanitarian work carried out by his foundation in various countries in Africa. Its objectives are beneficial, teaching and research, within the area of ​​otorhinolaryngology and face, head and neck surgery. It also aims to promote and grant scholarships to young doctors from emerging countries to train in the specialty of otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. Since 1992, it has carried out some 3,000 interventions in emerging and underdeveloped countries, of which 25% are goitre surgeries, 25% surgeries due to tumorus of the face and neck, 30% actions on facial malformations and reconstructions, and the rest to different pathologies of the maxilla, face and neck.

One day after the concert, precisely, the foundation began its 106th mission in The Gambia, with Clarós himself at the helm. “This mission will be one of the most difficult, since the country is absolutely ruined and we are going to find all kinds of complications, in addition to those that already have these missions in underdeveloped countries, especially due to the lack of material and situation of the facilities to perform the surgical interventions”, said the academician before leaving.

In his lecture on the tenor high C, based on an article published by Tribuna Plural, the scientific journal of the RAED, Clarós explained the different registers that the singer uses to focus on what they prefer to call the do in full voice of the tenor, a note shocking when intoned accompanied by a sustained vibrato that transmits strength and triumph.

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