Portrait of the book by Joaquim Callabed "El niño y la guarderia del siglo XXI"Joaquín Callabed, president of the Spanish Social Paediatrics Club and regular collaborator of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has donated to the Library of the Academy his book “El niño y la guardería del siglo XXI” (The child and the 21st century kindergarten) (Laertes), where he addresses the characteristics that these educational centres must have from a health, psychological, pedagogical, social and legal point of view, focusing on aspects that are not usually dealt such as the rights of the minor, adopted children, separation and divorce or psychosomatic pathologies.

“Let us see the functions of a nursery trying to be something more than an eventual space in which the child receives shelter, food and cleanliness, but also must allow full psychomotor, somatic and psycho-affective development -explains the author in the introduction of the book-. The staff must be trained in respect of hygiene standards and norms in case of epidemics, and among all we must achieve that the definition of health is fulfilled as the achievement of maximum physical, mental and social well-being”.