The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) delivered the Centennial Medal of the institution to the La Salle Open University on 4 July for the quality of its university research and international university model. The solemn act of delivery was held at the Palace of Congresses of Barcelona, coinciding with the graduation of the students of ESERP Business & Law School, and was chaired by its general director and at the same time the full academician of the RAED, José Daniel Barquero, who acted on behalf of the president of the Governing Board of the Royal Academy, Alfredo Rocafort, and by the president of the European Council of Doctors and corresponding academician of the RAED, Alberto Antolí.

The event was attended by a large group of prominent personalities from different professional, cultural and social fields, who received the institutional award from ESERP in recognition of their professional career, as well as the award given by the European Council of Doctors. These mentions were delivered by the general director of ESERP Barcelona, ​​Carmen Barquero, as well as Antolí.

The ceremony was followed by more than 300 students who graduated from Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, International Business, Higher Studies in Business Management, Marketing and Advertising and from the advanced marketing and Advertising and International Trade training cycles, in addition to those who passed the masters and MBA degrees in Management, Marketing, Communication, Finance and Human Resources.


UO La Salle recibe medalla centenario RAED