Several reference media echo the scientific expedition that the Royal Academy will carry out with National Geographic

The expedition that the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) will carry out in the Galapagos Islands in September 2020 together with National Geographic has aroused great expectations in the media on both sides of the Atlantic since its official presentation last 8 July in Madrid within the debate “Sostenibilidad, transición ecológica y el papel de las empresas” (Sustainability, ecological transition and the role of companies), organized by the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain, the Spanish Independent Foundation and RAED itself.

León de mar de las islas Galápagos (Zalophus wollebaeki)The trip has been echoed from the main Spanish news agencies –Efe and Europa Press– to reference media in Spain and Latin America such as “La Vanguardia”, Cadena Cope, “Expansión”, “La República”, “La Estrella de Panamá”or “Pulso” of Mexico, in addition to specialized media such as “Natura”, among others. All of them have highlighted the opportunity of the expedition to denounce the dangers that affect this unique natural reserve in the world due to illegal fishing and climate change as well as the quality of its participants.

In fact, five are the Nobel prizes that have already confirmed their participation in the trip. These are the honorary academicians of the RAED Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2004; Barry Barish, Nobel prize in Physics in 2017, and Richard Schrock, Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2005, and the elected honorary academicians Frances Hamilton Arnold, Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2018, and Gérard Albert Mourou, Nobel prize in Physics in 2018. They will join the academician of honor, former president of Ecuador and president of the Foundation for the Development of Latin America Rosalía Arteaga, in addition to other Nobel prizes and relevant international figures who have also been invited by the Academy to participate in this pointed event.

When this archipelago was the one that served as the basis for Charles Darwin to lay the foundations of his evolutionary theory, the RAED wanted to involve in its expedition prestigious figures in the matter in order to prepare an institutional declaration addressed to the main international organizations. Also participating artists and philosophers will come from the Quo Artis Foundation, dedicated to science through art and thought and working closely with the Royal Academy.

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