Alfredo Rocafort presents the strategy of the Royal Academy for the next five years

Alfredo Rocafort, full academician and president of the Governing Board of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has presented an advance of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan with which the institution wants to provide the necessary tools to face its future and fulfill its mission of cultural and scientific reference and from a multidisciplinary perspective, in Catalan, Spanish and European society, based on an integrative and plural project. An ambitious plan that is based on the newly created Pro Royal European Academy of Doctors Foundation and the effort and personal commitment of each of the academicians. To make this project a reality, the RAED has a new Department of Corporate Development and Institutional Relations that is already paying off.

“During the last six years, the Academy has undertaken a clearly renewal itinerary to better fulfill its mission, providing itself with human and material resources, as well as strengthening its institutional position, with the aim of transferring its scientific vocation from the Statutes to the complex reality of the present and the future and to be able to run from the level of ideas to that of concrete and measurable achievements. During the current year, the Governing Board has opened a dialogue and participatory process for drafting and approval of the Strategic Plan of the Royal European Academy of Doctors”, explains Rocafort.

The intention of the Governing Board is to prepare an institutional document, useful as a corporation and thinking about the coming managers. “It isn’t about creating an Academy ex novo, but about discussing how to project the current Academy, which we have, towards the future”, says the president of the RAED, who sets the areas of work marked in this strategy: “We do an urgent call to increase our efforts to fulfill this mission and continue to be a community of international prestige, organizing, in addition to the scientific activities of the sections that make up the Academy, debates, conferences, manifestos, expeditions, training cycles and awards of recognition to contribute to the improvement of society around the following major themes: Sustainability and Climate Change, Health, Education, Ethics and Values, Smart Cities, New Technologies and Big Data and Economy, Politics and Risks”.

The new Department of Corporate Development and Institutional Relations has published a complete documentation on the assets that its members assume for the Academy and works with the objective of offering responses from the Academy to global challenges; influence and connect people, institutions and organizations that share the values ​​of the institution, transfer academic knowledge and develop the networking of the Royal Corporation to connect with the best talent. All this will result in the signing of collaboration agreements, sponsorships and experiences of professional and academic exchange. “Our commitment is to undertake, improve, transform to inspire the world through our knowledge. One way to start changing course, to create history from knowledge and experience”, concludes Rocafort.

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