Pedro Nueno explains the ambitious project with which China wants to open up to the world

Pedro Nueno, head of the Chair Bertrán Foundation of Business Initiative of the IESE Business School, president of the China-Europe International Business School and full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), explains how the ambitious project of the new Silk Road promoted by the Chinese Government tries to open the great Asian country to the world, consolidate China as the world’s first economy and its society will definitely be integrated into a globalized world. Nueno reflects on this and other Chinese projects on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic.

“I’ve had the opportunity to speak alone with Chinese President Xi Jinping twice. His strategy is simple, he calls it the new Silk Road. Xi Jinping wants to open China to the world and get the world open to China Internally, its objective is to reduce the number of people living in a poverty level, improve health and make access easier and improve education. To do this, China promotes ambitious projects and the Chinese president periodically presents the progress. Politically, he wants to keep the peace with the whole world and his reaction to the North American threats that go from closing his market to world leading companies such as Huawei until they navigate the coasts of China and its maritime areas, aircraft carriers and warships have not brought any type of reaction”, he explains.

Nueno affects the negotiating mood of Xi Jinping and considers it key for the Chinese economy and society to progress without ups and downs. “Thanks to this excellent management we can say that China is doing very well. Sometimes the press speaks negatively about Chinese growth because it is close to 6% and a few years ago over 7%. But the current 6% is much better distributed. A few years ago, important businessmen from Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen achieved double-digit growth in these large cities that bring together a large number of powerful companies.

Dr. Pedro Nueno

Dr. Pedro Nueno

Today it has managed to spread the growth much better throughout the country including the poor areas of western China. For president Xi Jinping, getting millions of people out of poverty every year is one of his goals”, he says.

For the academician, education is another aspect that has improved significantly, and he highlights how China has opened the possibility that training institutions and universities around the world could establish collaboration agreements with Chinese universities and institutions. “From my position as founder 25 years ago of the first school of business management in China, I can say that the assessment that the Chinese have of the training has led to hundreds of thousands of Chinese young people going out to form in the world. Most return to China and without a doubt this helps many Chinese and foreign companies to develop advanced activities in topics such as research and development, technological innovation, advanced logistics, digitalization and all its results. and its enormous dimensions China will advance as the world’s first economy, but very open to its international integration”, he concludes.