After the presentations of the experts, the colloquium focused on the definition of technical discourse and its compatibility with political discourse

Debate impacto grandes infraestructuras caso Sagrada FamiliaThe Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) held on January 18 the debate “Impacto social de las grandes infraestructuras: el caso de la Sagrada Familia” (Social impact of large infrastructures: the case of the Sagrada Familia) in the framework of the activities promoted by its Technological Sciences Section. The session counted with the participation of the full academicians Jaume Armengou, Antonio Gens and Jaime Rodrigo de Larrucea, who acted as moderator, in addition to the experts Antonio Aguado and Rosa Ribas. José Luis Salido, general secretary of the RAED, presented the event and the speakers.

Rodrigo de Larrucea introduced the concept of management and evaluation of the social impact of large architectural and urban projects as a methodology used by the United Nations, the European Commission and the World Bank, which are already committed to this preventive risk formula in the project , the planning and execution of large infrastructures. Already in matter, Aguado made a presentation of the materials used in the Sagrada Familia and highlighted the figure of Antonio Gaudí as a great structuralist. Ribas, meanwhile, analysed each of the facades of the temple and highlighted the importance of light and radiance, both from a purely architectural point of view and in Christian symbolism.

Gens stopped in the exhibition of the problems of the land and the foundations from the new works, especially the passage of the AVE and the new subway line, and from his own personal experience as a designated expert. He also highlighted the high levels of security used in the execution of the works. Armengou conceptually raised the problems of social legitimacy to address major infrastructures. The round table was followed by a lively debate with a large participation of the public present in which different issues were addressed, among them, and in particular, the definition of technical discourse and its compatibility with political discourse.

Video Summary of the debate

Debate impacto grandes infraestructuras caso Sagrada Familia