The Royal Academy presents a new number of its new reference media

The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) has edited the second installment of the “Periódico Tribuna Plural”, its new corporate communication media that adds to its weekly Newsletter, its scientific journal “Tribuna Plural” and periodicals about conferences, events and punctual academic appointments. Published on paper, in a daily format and on a quarterly basis, “Periódico Tribuna Plural” addresses the academic activity from a deep perspective, with interviews and articles of opinion.

This number opens with a comprehensive report on the importance of the relationship between doctor and patient in the treatment of all types of pathologies, as indicated by several scientific studies, which affect the emotional well-being of the patient as necessary adjuvant in their recovery. The publication also addresses the ESG indicator created by the University of Barcelona as an evaluation model for Corporate Social Responsibility. The full academician and member of the Government Board of the RAED Jordi Martí is the main driver of this new index and reflects on its functionality.

“Periódico Tribuna Plural” also dedicates an outstanding space to the Pro Royal European Academy of Doctors Foundation, which completes with an interview with Vivian Hartmann, new director of Corporate Development and Institutional Relations of the Foundation, and the 5th International Congress that the institution held last September in Budapest. In the editorial section, the full academician and president of the Governing Board, Alfredo Rocafort, devotes his reflection to pointing out the importance of positive language to face the social, political and economic instability that Spain suffers.

This delivery is completed with a report by the president of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain, Antonio Bascones, on the relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes and an extensive interview by the director of the publication, Manuel Murillo, to the recognized Spanish diplomat Inocencio Arias following the publication of his memoirs, “Yo siempre creí que los diplomáticos eran unos mamomes” (I always believed that diplomats were morons). In the Opinion section, José Ramón Calvo, full academician and president of the Institute for International Cooperation of the RAED, reflects on the recent drugs to quit smoking, and Pere Juárez, president of Alumni UB Entrepreneurship and Innovation, on risk that education ceases to be a social lift in Spain.

The back cover of this second issue is dedicated to the solidarity initiatives related to music promoted by renowned academicians and professors Pere Gascón and Pedro Clarós, in turn vicepresident of the Academy, reviewing his latest major initiatives in this field. The paper copy of “Periódico Tribuna Plural” is available to all interested in having it in this format at the headquarters of the Royal Academy.

Issue 2 of «Plural Tribune Newspaper»


periódico Tribuna Plural