The RAED and the Royal Academy of Medicine of the Basque Country hold a meeting on May 24-26

The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and the Royal Academy of Medicine of the Basque Country-Euskal Herriko Medikuntzaren Errege Akademia (RAMPV- EHMEA) will hold the first Scientific-Cultural Meeting in La Rioja between the 24th and 26th of May with the collaboration of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Food Sciences and the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition. The event responds to the agreement that both institutions signed last January in order to “promote the science and the training and scientific exchange among professionals in the health sciences and other related disciplines”.

The event will count with the participation of 35 speakers who throughout the three days will address papers related to oenology, viticulture, food, diet and on a region such as the Rioja Alavesa that is characterized by the internationally recognized quality of its wines. This scientific part is complemented with a series of cultural visits that include the Marqués de Riscal winery, by the architect Frank Gehry, and the prestigious and award-winning winery of Eguren Ugarte, in which auditorium the lectures will take place. The format of the interventions will be the traditional of 15 minutes of the events of the RAED and have been grouped into four large blocks.

The first of these thematic blocks will deal with wine culture and it will address issues related to music, humor, art, literature, wine in the history of civilizations, the costs of production and sale, the importance of cork in the evolutionary process of wine, the function of sensory organs before a wine tasting and strategies for the organization, use and enjoyment of a wine tasting. The second will focus on oenological and production aspects, and will address issues related to marketing, the unique varieties of Rioja wine, the unique characteristics of rosé wine, the protection of vineyards, the biochemistry of wine, the processes enological and food security and wine within the Mediterranean diet.

The third block will be miscellaneous, with multidisciplinary themes such as La Rioja and the routes of the Santiago’s Road, or the Sierra of Cantabria as an ecosystem of La Rioja, magic and wine, witch cauldrons and wine, running among vineyards, walking the road with bread and wine, reformulating to eat healthier, metabolically healthy obesity, the challenge of communicating in health… The last of these four blocks will deal with topics related to the sciences and humanities, including gastrophysics, how to lose or win a Michelin star, art and environmental fragility, art and childhood, the intellect to artificial and the behavior of dogs, the digital life of a millennial, sports and physical activity with ergogenic aids and the Basque language, its history and its context.

Meeting program