Lluís Giner

Dr. Lluís Giner

Lluís Giner, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of the International University of Catalonia and full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), addresses the joint challenges of prevention, patient motivation and environmental responsibility for to ensure that the advances in dental health that have been achieved by the richest countries also become a reality in countries with fewer resources given the ease and low cost of basic dental care. The academician argues this thesis in the last article he has published in the Spanish edition of the “Dental Tribune” magazine, which reaches about 100,000 professionals in the sector.

“Currently, and thanks to globalization, we have fewer differences between many countries in the training of new dentists, in continuing education. However, even in some geographical areas there is a lack of oral care due to lack of dentists and training, logically with a high level of caries and periodontal disease. In the coming years and with the efforts of the countries themselves and the help we can provide together we hope to improve the level of dental health in these areas”, says Giner.

For the dentist, planning in the prevention and motivation of the patient for their health care means a very important saving in restoration materials and an improvement in the quality of life of the population without distinction of where they live or what their economic resources are. And also warns of the extra cost and the incidence of clinical treatments, even for the environment. “I think we have a greater challenge in training and health policies in each country. We must consider that restorative dentistry generates a significant amount of waste that is environmentally difficult to eliminate and that planning in the prevention and motivation of the patient for their health care, both at the individual office level and at the global level of the country, represents a very important saving in restoration materials and, more importantly, an improvement in the population’s quality of life”, he adds.

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Giner entered as a RAED number academic during a ceremony that was held on April 3 with the admission speech “Los dientes: del comer al lucir. Evolución de los materiales odontológicos y cambios sociales” (Teeth: from eating to looking. Evolution of dental materials and social changes), where he affects the importance that not only for health, but for personal aesthetics, it has a healthy and, logically, nicotine-free denture.


Meeting in the ADEE Congress of the group of Spanish and Portuguese speaking deans on August 21 with the president and secretary of the organization in Charitè, university medicine and dentistry in Berlin, Germany.