Numerary Member

Health Sciences: Dr. in Medicine and Surgery

Date of admittance: 03/04/2019

Admission Speech: Los dientes del comer al lucir: evolución de los materiales odontológicos y cambios sociales

Reply: Dr. Pedro Clarós Blanch

Lluís Giner Tarrida

Barcelona 1956, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (UAB) 1979. Specialist in Stomatology (UB) 1982. Postgraduate in oral, maxillofacial and Temporo-Mandibular Articulation (UB) 1992-1996

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, “Cum Laude “(UB), 1990 Prosthetic area professor, and co-director of the Oral and Maxillofacial Prosthesis Postgraduate of the FO. (UB) 1991-1998

Director of the Biomaterials and Prosthetics Area, FO. UIC-Barcelona, ​​1998-2007.

Associate Professor FO. UIC-Barcelona, ​​Dental Materials. Sub director FO. UIC-Barcelona, ​​1998-2007. Vice Dean of Research FO. UIC-Barcelona, ​​2007-2011.

Director of the Master of Oral Prosthesis and ATM, and Co-Director of the Master of Implantology, Surgery and Prosthetics, FO. UIC-Barcelona, ​​1998-2007. Director of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Techniques and Laboratory in Odontology, FO. UIC-Barcelona, ​​2007-2011. Director of the Master’s Degree in Clinical Research and Materials in Dentistry. FO. UIC-Barcelona, ​​2007 to 2011. Co-director of the MIS Chair, in Regenerative Dentistry, FO. UICBarcelona, ​​2012-2015.

Dean of the School of Dentistry 2011 to the present. Member of the Evaluation Commission of Homologation of Foreign University Titles of the ANECA.

Secretary of the Spanish Conference of Deans. Active member of the scientific societies, SEPES, SEMO, SEPA, IADR, ADEE, Pierre Fauchard.

He has published 122 articles, 58 of which are indexed: 32 Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and 26 in the Science Citation Index (SCI). Author of 2 books and 4 book chapters.

Since 1991 he has made 460 contributions to congresses, 36 invited papers. He has given 77 specialized training courses and 35 conferences. It has 5 patents. He has participated in 4 competitive projects, 84 research contracts and 5 teacher innovation projects.

He has directed or co-directed 33 doctoral theses defended, the first one in 1997. He participated in the edition of the white book on dentistry in the process of convergence of higher education in Europe. June 2004