Carlo Maria Gallucci, doctor in Economic and Business Sciences, entered as a full academician at the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona-1914 (RAED) during a ceremony held in Barcelona on Tuesday, February 13. The recipient read the admission speech “La función del marketing en la empresa y en la economía” (The role of marketing in the company and in the economy)”On behalf of the RAED was answered the academician Jaime Rodrigo de Larrucea.

As an active process, marketing performs a number of tasks necessary for the effective functioning of a market economy”

Professor and vice-chancellor of the Ramon Llull University and professor of the ESADE business school, Gallucci presented in his speech the main concepts of marketing understood as both a business philosophy and an action-oriented process that sets the pace of the economy and influences decisively in its development to the point that nowadays economics and marketing are inseparable. “As an active process, marketing performs a number of tasks necessary for the effective functioning of a market economy, and the importance and complexity of such tasks has evolved with changes in technology, economics, competitiveness and the digital and international environment. These changes have had consequences in the administrative field of the company and, particularly, in the marketing function itself”, the new academician began his presentation.

“Marketing is advertising, promotion and sales, but it is also a set of analysis tools, sales forecasting methods, simulation models and market research studies used to develop a prospective and more scientific approach to the analysis of the needs of the demand -Gallucci argued-. But above all, it’s the promoter and architect of the consumer society”. After reviewing the evolution of marketing and its role in a globalized economy, the new academician reviewed the emerging values ​​and concepts that we attend to trace its development in the immediate future.

The act of admission was headed by the president of the RAED, Alfredo Rocafort, and attended by the rectors of the Ramon Llull University, Josep Maria Garell; of the University of Vic, Jordi Montaña; of the Sant Pacià University Athenaeum, Armand Puig, and of the International University of Catalonia, Javier Gil Mur, also full academician of the RAED. The admission was also attended, among other personalities, by the general consuls of France, Japan, Hungary and the Czech Republic in Barcelona.

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