José Ramón Calvo, president of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), participated in the Expert Meeting on Food, Gastronomy and Omic Sciences held in San Sebastián on 24 April under the title “Evolución y revolución en la alimentación y la gastronomía del siglo XXI: una visión multidisciplinar” (Evolution and revolution in food and gastronomy of the 21st century: a multidisciplinary vision).

Calvo has lectured “El reloj de la alimentación de precisión y la gastronomía saludable” (The clock of precision food and healthy gastronomy), which describes how, from the perspective of chronobiology, a science that studies the circadian rhythms of the body and its relation to physiological phenomena, it’s possible to know how the food takes advantage of one way or another depending on the time they are ingested, and from that knowledge how to establish healthier eating patterns.