José Antonio Segarra, PhD in Business Administration, professor at IESE and a recognized specialist in business strategy and business transformation projects, points out that social enterprise is becoming a success niche for entrepreneurs and investors. “There is an immense effervescence of entrepreneurs with vision of social end and with illusion to do new projects. The consolidation of social companies that are competitive in the market is still an exception, but will soon be the rule encouraged by a society that asks of the company more than economic results”, he said.


“The first premise, however, is that social enterprises must be competitive, because any weakness in the mercantile system will translate into weakness in the welfare model”, he added. Sagarra made these considerations during his accession as full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), which was held in Barcelona on Thursday, November 3. The recipient read the entry speech “La empresa social compitiendo en el mercado: principios de buen gobierno” (The social enterprise competing in the market: principles of good governance). On behalf of the RAED responded the full academician Miguel Ángel Gallo.