Albert Bosch, professor of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Barcelona and full academician and president of the Experimental Sciences Section of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) co-organizes the international conference “Viruses 2018. Breakthroughs in viral replication”, which will be held in Barcelona between February 7 and 9, 2018. The event will bring together in Barcelona the most prestigious virologists in the world in the field of molecular biology of viruses.

Viruses 2018. Breakthroughs in viral replication“The importance of viruses to human health has never been more evident and significant progress is being made in the understanding of virus replication, structure, transmission, pathogenesis and antiviral immunity – the organizers of the congress emphasize-. This conference will bring together leading virologists from around the world to share their recent findings. The participants of the meeting will have the opportunity to present brief presentations and talks about their work and discuss their research in a relaxed environment”.

The event is divided in six thematic sections: General Topics in Virology, Structural Virology, Virus Replication Compartments, Replication and Pathogenesis of RNA Viruses, Packaging and Replication-Genome Assembly and In Vitro Antiviral Immunity and Viral Pathogenesis. The congress will reward the best presented work and the best oral presentation.