“Miguel Ángel Gallo can be considered a true teacher for more than a generation of academics and professionals”

Miguel Ángel Gallo, full academician and president of the Senate of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has been distinguished with the award of the Family Enterprise Research Conference, the most important entity of studies on this type of companies at an international level. The jury of this prestigious award highlights the extensive research of Gallo, his wide participation in the profession, his institutional contributions, his participation in the business community and the demonstrated tutoring of students, families and family businesses, as well as the convincing letters of candidacy that his colleagues provided.

Dr. Miguel Ángel Gallo Laguna de Rins

Dr. Miguel Ángel Gallo

“Professor Miguel Ángel Gallo is one of the most important researchers in the field of family business -highlights the Family Business Research Conference-. He is the author of excellent publications based on his extensive experience as a teacher, researcher and business consultant. In fact, he can be considered a true teacher for more than a generation of academics and professionals in this field of knowledge”.

For the jury, Gallo’s impact in the field of family business research is threefold: “In the first place, being one of the pioneers, he contributed strongly to the foundation of this field of knowledge. He has given unconditional support to young researchers in this field, and his work has been a notable influence in the area for several decades, and hiss activity has been a great influence in the development of tools and models to improve the management of family businesses. He is an example for the younger generations, and he is one of the most important consultants of companies in the world and is very knowledgeable about the reality of the family business”, the Conference says.

Gallo will receive the award during the annual conference of the Family Enterprise Research Conference, which will be held next June at the Pan-american University of Guadalajara, Mexico.