The Royal Academy of Doctors, in an extraordinary general meeting, decided yesterday to explain its European vocation changing its official name to become the Reial Acadèmia Europea de Doctors-Real Academia Europea de Doctores-Royal European Academy of Doctors (RAED). The institution also reinforces its origins and history over a century, referring to its new corporate image to the city of Barcelona and the year of its foundation, 1914.

“We must face the challenges of the present and looking ahead from the strength that gives us a centennial history to remain a leader in the field of research and expand our view to that Europe without borders has managed to become a common area of freedoms. We must keep up with the times”, says the president of the Royal Academy, Alfredo Rocafort.

In the new era, the RAED undertakes to accept among its full academicians at least 25 coming from other states of the European Union, bringing the total number to 150. Similarly, the corporation may have offices anywhere your new field and sign alliances and agreed to spread their academic work around the framework of the Union.