Miguel Ángel Gallo Laguna de Rins, emeritus professor of IESE management school, considers that an adequate generational coexistence and a relay always under consensus and management criteria are the keys to success and continuity of family businesses. In his inaugural speech as full academician of the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD), “Family business: Coexistence? Generational succession?”, who has read this afternoon in Barcelona, ​​Gallo offers a number of tips for this type corporate, fundamental in the Spanish economy, are thriving and overcome with success their common problems.

“There is no coexistence without problems, so it’s necessary to confront with realism and accuracy issues, however difficult they may seem. If the problems are not addressed can’t give them the right treatment”, notes the new academician.

Before any crisis, Gallo alert about called “family covenants” newly dismembering many companies and generating distrust foreign investors. “It’s easy to fall into this temptation, but such agreements reassuring, but do not solve To live is always necessary not deception, as is always necessary not cheat”.