Albert Biete, full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has been reelected president of the Association of University Professors of Radiology and Physical Medicine during the 36th Seminar of this institution, which was held in Ciudad Real between the past 23 and May 25 and served as a framework to celebrate its first four decades of activity. The meeting also analyzed the state of teaching in its different areas and produced a document with various considerations that raised the Administration.

Among other aspects, the entity chaired by the academician of the RAED believes that the area of ​​knowledge of Radiology and Physical Medicine teaches in different undergraduate studies such as nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, pharmacy, occupational therapy, health engineering, chiropody and , fundamentally, in Medicine and since the appearance of undergraduate studies in Medicine there has been a growing increase in the number of faculties, a great heterogeneity of teaching contents of the area in the curriculum and a worrying decrease of professors with permanent links .

Dr. Albert BieteGiven this panorama, the Association considers that the relevance of all specialties in the area of ​​knowledge in clinical practice should be reflected in the amount of credits of the degree, which is necessary to promote the teaching of radiological anatomy in the degree, which should occur in these studies a greater linkage of teachers and ensure a necessary generational change, which should be enabled in all autonomous communities the figure of the doctor linked and that, likewise, the teaching career in young specialists from universities and institutions should be encouraged sanitary

The entity reminds that the area of ​​knowledge of Radiology and Physical Medicine has a special complexity because it’s composed of different specialties: Radiodiagnosis, Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Hospital Radiophysics and includes its own research and teaching areas such as Radiobiology, Medical Physics, clinical research and new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. The Association of University Professors of Radiology and Physical Medicine is a non-profit organization, founded in 1979, which has among its objectives to coordinate and seek to maintain homogeneous levels in university education in Radiology and Physical Medicine.