Josep Alet, a doctor in Economic Sciences and collaborator of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), will present at the 4th Congress of Interdisciplinary Research to be held by the RAED under the title “Ciencia, ética y humanismo” (“Science, ethics and humanism”) between the 11 and 18 July, a work entitled “Márketing cuántico, un paradigma de márketing para dar un salto en la comprensión y gestión de los clientes como partículas humanas actoras fundamentales en el mercado” (“Quantum Marketing: a marketing paradigm to make a leap in the understanding and management of customers as human particles and fundamental actors in the market”).

Dr Alet poses a working metaphor: that people are the elementary particles of the economic subject. With a remarkable difference with quantum physics when analysing them, since these particles think and act according to their free will. Their decisions, moreover, do not follow a Cartesian logic, but emotional and, therefore, irrational. From there, the academician translates the principles of quantum physics, with particles that also do not follow the logic of conventional physics, to the analysis of consumption.

Josep Alet Vilaginés - Marqueting cuántico

Dr Josep Alet

“An awareness of the enormous difficulty of building a useful scientific model to reflect the functioning of the market from people raised the goal of integrating the scientific advances in quantum physics, along with behavioural economics, complex systems and persuasion psychology to build an enriching vision from the perspective of the tiny and enormously valuable that in the business world are the individual clients -explains Alet-. Human behaviour is the key axis to analyse what happens in the market and to get to understand people and their actions, to then predict the future and effectively manage business and social resources”.

For the student, this translation of quantum principles shows that marketing must change to be effective, it must be a personalised marketing that serves differently depending on the moment of interest, phase of purchase, the stage of life, of the role that is being adopted in each moment, of the context in which it moves. “On the basis of personalisation, a social, movement, and group integration vision is built”, he concludes.

Dr Alet is the president of the Spanish Association of Direct and Interactive Marketing Agencies and a member of the executive committee of the Federation of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing, as well as being a founding partner and professor of the Institute of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing. He is a doctor in Economics from the University of Barcelona and he has a master’s degree from the IESE Business School.