Joan Francesc Pont, full academician and president of the Section of Social Sciences of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), publishes in the digital magazine Entreletras the article “Encomienda de moderación” (Moderation task), where he reflects on the motion of censorship presented by the PSOE in the Spanish Congress of Deputies and the challenges of the new Government headed by Pedro Sánchez. For the academician, “Pedro Sánchez and the Socialist Party have received from the Congress of Deputies and Spanish society a clear and clear assignment: to end connivance with corruption and lay the foundations to recover as axes of the policy (written with an initial capital letter as large as possible) the principles of unity, autonomy and secularism and the values ​​of freedom, equality, justice and pluralism”.

With only 84 deputies of the 250 that make up the chamber, Pont doesn’t augur easy governance for the new Executive, although he considers that the step taken by Sánchez and his success was not only necessary for Spanish democracy and the prestige of its institutions but that make the leadership vocation of the socialist leader a reality. Sánchez has thus overlapped both the embers of his own party and a parliament in which he started from a clear minority.

Dr. Joan Francesc Pont Clemente

Dr. Joan Francesc Pont

In this situation, Pont believes that it isn’t the moment to call elections, as some parliamentary political forces ask, but to govern and open a new political era in Spain. “The moderation task in which I believe begins by having a president who is able to dialogue (with other governments, with social forces, with autonomous communities and with large cities, with people) and capable of transmitting clear messages to the citizenry (instead of hiding like his predecessor)”, he says.

“Moderation is the search for a central space of unity in diversity and the recovery of all free and willing men and women who want to join the solution and wish not to stay on the side of the problem”. Moderation isn’t to exclude to anyone (which includes not excluding those who support or have supported the PP or Cs) but have the moral strength enough for extremists to exclude themselves”, he concludes.