The academician María Asunción Peiré addresses in the “Women 360º Congress” how to combat the chronic stress of women executives

María Asunción Peiré - combatir el estrés crónicoMaría Asunción Peiré, corresponding academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), participated on October 5 in “Women 360º Congress”, a congress on health, well-being and business for women executives that was held in the Creapolis space of the ESADE business school. Peiré intervened with the paper “Estrés crónico, bienestar emocional” (Chronic stress, emotional well-being), in which she addressed the challenges, often forgotten, that health and wellbeing in general entails to face a position of responsibility and decision-making.

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, lawyer and pharmacologist, Peiré stressed in her speech that a prolonged exposure to stress like that which is usually given today in the world of the company favours the appearance of free radicals that cause damage to the cardiovascular system as in the skin and neuropsychiatric level. And she put the regular physical exercise and the intake of nutritional supplements as best remedies to fill gaps. “Supplementation is no longer a whim, it’s a biological need of the 21st century”, she said.

“Today we have many personal and professional conflicts that affect us without knowing it and more than we can think, much light and sound pollution that affects sleep and produces eye diseases, in addition to poor nutrition due to deficiencies of minerals, essential amino acids and natural antioxidants and a lot of toxic exposure”, the academic continued.

“Women 360º Congress” had the participation of a score of specialists from the fields of health and business who reflected on leadership and emotional well-being, femininity, affective sexuality, intimate health, emotion management, the role of women in the company and the creation of a new paradigm in management. The inaugural session was attended by Àngels Chacón, head of Business and Knowledge of the Catalan Government; Núria Balada, president of the Catalan Institute for Women; Rosa Cuscó, director and founder of the congress, and Oriol Alcoba, general director of ESADE Creapolis, among other authorities.


María Asunción Peiré - combatir el estrés crónico